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Best Over Ear Sports Headphones Reviews

Best Over Ear Sports Headphones Reviews


While most individuals make use of in-ears or earbuds for working out given that they have a more compact, secure and also breathable design, some really like the fit of over-ears. They’re normally not the ideal style for sporting activities, because they can be rather large and also often tend to make your ears warmer, so you may sweat more than normal during your workout. However, for some, it’s a worthwhile compromise since over-ears have a tendency to be simpler to use, extra comfortable, longer-lasting, and also more flexible and feature-packed than Best Over Ear Sports Headphones

The Best Over Ear Sports Headphones and best workout earbuds for gym, running sports and fitness

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II – Black

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Bose headphones are recognized for their comfort and also secure audio trademark that plays well with every category. Yet what makes their SoundLink AEW II headphones really sport-friendly is their fitment and also ability to come to be literally low-profile once worn. It also aids that they have the most effective Bluetooth audio top quality for the price. The trendy looks and resilient construct make it top honors on the best over-ear earphones for exercising list.

Design and Features

Bose SoundLink Around-ear Wireless earphones II (AEW II) look like a cooler as well as more sports version of the serious QC35s. But the type variable is similar as well as comfy. The earcups are racetrack oval and also kick back reasonably large ears without stress. The headband is slim and also lightly cushioned along the arc. They consider just 7 ounces, so the headband can be maximized at this dimension to disperse the weight equally. The earpads are constructed from luxurious memory foam as well as covered in natural leather. The earcups fold up level to be hung conveniently around the neck. Bose insurance claims they have been tested for effect as well as are rather long lasting based upon lasting usage responses

The clamp of these work out earphones is just right. Given that they are lightest headphones on the checklist, they can clamp on with extremely reduced force and also stay secure. The controls are restricted as well as put practically at the bottom of the best earcup. These consist of quantity adjustment buttons as well as a multi-functional switch. The latter can deal with phone calls and track navigation. The battery lasts for 15 hrs of moderate quantity. It can be used in wired setting with the accompanying cord.

The SoundLink over-ear headphones have an adaptive microphone incorporated right into the layout. This automatically modulates the voice as well as volume according to the ambient sound. The outcome is the capability to make crystal clear telephone calls also in metropolitan website traffic. The person on the various other end can get the vocals plainly. These work on Bluetooth 4.0 and connect to numerous tools each time. They will play based upon priority, i.e. calls over music. They are likewise NFC-enabled so you just touch them with an NFC-enabled phone to set. Once powered on, they re-pair with previously linked gadgets promptly. These included a flat lug case that can pack the USB charging cable television and also the audio cable.


Bose constantly opts for a smooth sound signature that flatters all styles but beams in none. That being said, the sound is class-leading in this price variety. This remains in spite of not being AptX-enabled. These are powered by strong however relatively regulated bass. So the lower regularities are abundant yet not frustrating. They are excellent for joggers that like high quality noise. These are not bass-heavy containers, so while they won’t blast your ears, they are impactful enough. They are equipped with volume-optimized EQ. When the quantity on an earphone is reduced the audio sheds bass, but with SoundLink, the bass is instantly boosted a bit in this circumstance. So, the audio keeps appearing complete also when the quantity is low.

These over-ear headphones have a tidy and also decadent midrange. It is sustained by a minor bump in midbass and also seems rich. The benefit of this Bose signature is that it does not stress the imperfections in the recordings. So the get along well with MP3 quality records also. The treble is smooth and contributes a laid-back noise. Bose has tried to lessen the DSP voodoo that features being Bluetooth earphones. This maintains them sounding reasonably much more accurate than other Bluetooth earphones in this price range. They sound almost the exact same in their wired setting albeit a little louder than the cordless setting.


  • Incredibly light-weight as well as comfy
  • Bluetooth- and also NFC-enabled
  • Complete and smooth audio
  • Flatters all categories
  • Adaptive mic as well as EQ


  • Can have a wider volume variety

Sony MDRXB450AP Extra Bass Smartphone Headset

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These Sony headphones are the least costly we suggest for working out. At well under $100, they must be cost effective for practically any purchaser. They might not have the fantastic sound high quality you get on nicer corded and cordless versions, however they seem far better than anything else for the price. They likewise stand well to wear and tear, so they’re optimal for working out!


  • Among the very best features of corded over-ear earphones like these is just how economical they are. You can get these for less than half the price of our cheapest cordless referrals! They’re an excellent choice for folks who are on a tight spending plan as well as do not wish to spend greater than $100.
  • They seem wonderful, if not wonderful. There’s a lot of bass, as you ‘d expect from the name. The midrange behaves and all-around as well. Sony’s bass booster system isn’t something that an audiophile would truly want, however it does an excellent job at magnifying the reduced end so that your workout playlists extra pound along.
  • They fit comfortably and also remain in area, also when jogging. Just see to it the cord will not be tugged throughout your exercise!
  • The cord isn’t frail. One of the most significant troubles with a lot of budget-range earphones like these is that the cords break almost instantly. They’re a discomfort to spot and change, so it’s a refreshing adjustment to see just how sturdy the Sony cables are. The whole collection does not feel as costs as Sennheiser or Bose offerings, yet nor will certainly it fall apart in a hurry.
  • The earphones rotate for very easy packaging. You can easily get these in any kind of sleeve pocket of a backpack, or in a common over-ear earphone carrying instance.
  • Although they’re corded, they’re current in terms of tech connection. There are inline call and also volume controls on the cable. We also like that you can download an app that permits you to customize the controls, so that the switches do whatever you such as. It’s a nice upgrade for a traditional collection of headphones!


  • The equilibrium isn’t wonderful. There’s a great deal of thumpy reduced end, and that’s terrific for dance-y songs, however it does have a tendency to dominate. These are good health club buddies, however you possibly will not intend to use them for day-to-day listening.
  • Just like the majority of cost-effective earphones, the highs aren’t as crisp and specified as we ‘d such as. You certainly observe a distinction in between these and the Sennheiser’s below.
  • They do not have as much cushioning as nicer models. We think they’re perfectly comfy, however the Sennheiser, Bose, and also Defeats designs listed below all feel much better to put on, particularly for longer journeys to the fitness center.
  • The bass doesn’t definitely roar the way the Sennheiser and also Bose versions do. That’s not shocking at this price, however.
  • They do not last as long as premium choices like the Sennheiser earphones listed below.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone, Gunmetal Black

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V-Moda incorporates both the delicate elegance of songs and the rugged toughness of steel style in their headphones. The Crossfade wireless headphones are the epitome of this with the capability to surpass their preferred M100s. The awesome layout is bound to transform some heads when you run. These are not simply running earphones, they are pc gaming containers also. Although an unusual option, they inspect most boxes of our standards checklist.

Design and Features

The V-Moda Crossfade wireless earphones are your elegant as well as flashy pick. Similar to most of the V-Moda cans, these sporting activity hexagonal earcups. If you have little or moderate ears, you will discover the deep sudsy earcups extremely comfortable. However, for larger ears, there’s the alternative of changing to the roomy XL earpads that have to be purchased separately. The headband is moderately broad, lightly padded as well as has a mesh layer on the bottom for better air flow. The earcups can swing ahead and also hug the ears comfortably. This time on, the headphone appearance less grimy and also somewhat curvier than the previous V-Moda headphones. These fit in a way that they continue to be inconspicuous on the head.

The earcups of these exercise headphones fold flat for hanging off the neck. The layout is lavishly peppered with metal. V-Moda declares that these meet army standards of durability. The headband can also be entirely squashed without damage. The steel frame adds a little bit to the weight however V-Moda still maintains it down to 10.3 ounces. The interior battery can supply 12 hrs of life. When it lacks juice, it can be plugged in for wired performance. As will other headphones from this company, these are compatible with all gamers’ accessories. The Crossfade wireless is additionally equipped with a mic to make telephone calls hands-free.

One more hallmark V-Moda feature is a metal backplate on the earcups. These can be changed or laser-engraved to customize. These over– ear earphones includes an exoskeleton case too, it’s larger than that of the M100s because these do not fold inwards.


The V-Mode Crossfade cordless earphones comply with the audio trademark of the popular M100. These have forward bass and treble as well as clear, natural mids. When looking for bassy earphones, M100 is our finest option in this rate variety. And Crossfade cordless becomes our ideal Bluetooth option. It lacks only a little in resolution than the wired M100s. In fact, in the wired mode, the Crossfade is tuned better than the M100 with better detail. The bass is sufficient and beats with wonderful authority. It has the bass bang to get the EDM as well as techno tracks going.

The treble is surged however not so much that its audios sibilant. Actually, the Crossfade wireless has an energetic discussion yet it doesn’t cause sonic tiredness like intense headphones do. The midrange is clean and airy. These additionally audio a little a lot more open than normal closed-back earphones to ensure that offers some openness to the sound.


  • The metal framework, fashionable style.
  • Bluetooth-enabled.
  • Effective bass.
  • Energized audio.
  • Tidy as well as open midrange.


  • Larger ears need XL earpads.


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